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Dog Decides To Play Tag With Wild Bear

Friendly Dog Decides Ro Play "Tag" With A Wild Bear No animals were hurt during this friendly game of tag!


Dog Goes After Owner With a Knife

The majority of the works either likes or loves dogs. However, when the dog is coming at you with a


When It’s Pouring But You Need Your Walk

Who said dogs cannot be inventive and creative? This Golden Retriever found the perfect way to cope with bad walking


Dog Falls Asleep While Standing On Kayak

The serenity of nature is under-appreciated by many of us. I'm not sure if this dog is just bored or


Dog Loves Getting His Head Stuck

Life is one big adventure for this little doggy. No matter the obstacles, he'll always be happy and curious to


Cat Sublets Out Its Tail To Dogs

Cats are known to be quite ignorant sometimes, while dogs are often overly enthusiastic about the most banal stuff. Put


Doggo Gets Stuck On Exercise Ball

Exercising is supposed to be fun, right? This friendly doggo thought so, at least. But watch his joy quickly fade


Adorable Puppy Struggles To Carry Newspaper

The daily news can be heavy to process... Quite literally actually. This cute little doggo tries its best, but newspapers


The Walking Peeing Dog

If you gotta go, you gotta go. Even if that means making a circus act of your urinal visit, like


Kitten Plays, Dog Sleeps: A Lovestory

Cats and dogs do have very similar skillsets. They excel at sleeping, eating and playing. But when a cat and


Toy Is Her Best Friend

Toys are fun and all, but sometimes you just have to have a little chat with 'em. Whether it's to


But I Was Chewing on That!

Good boy gets his favourite chewing toy taken away and you won't believe what happens next! The toy magically connect