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Dogs Have No Clue Where The Exit Is

Every dog is loyal, that's a fact. But some of them are smart, and some of them... well, they are


Dog Making A Snowman

To be honest, it's not the most beautiful snowman you'll ever see, but it's the effort that count. It's still


Little Foster Puppy Throws A Tantrum

If this little puppy doesn't get his way, you better hide. He will unleash fury on you and on everyone


Dog Gets Back Her Cancer Test Results (Adorable!)

And she couldn't be happier! Her mom tells her a suspenseful story, but deep down she already know what's up.


The Dog Wants On The Sled Too

When you have a dog you have to think about them all the time. What they need and where they


Beagle Puppy Learning How To Howl

Okay, this is going straight to the top charts of cutest video of the year. Look at that adorable puppy


Best Pets Of The Week

Pets are almost always good boys. But some boys (or girls) are just better. They are cute, sweet, loyal and


Cute Puppies Against Evil Food

As a dog, you're on the hunt for food, practically all day every day. So naturally, when an opportunity presents


This Boxer Is Her New Best Friend

Nothing feels better as a parent than your baby and your dog getting along famously. These two are on the


Smartest Police Dog Ever

It takes some skills and some brains to join the police (although that depends on who you ask), but this


Best Pets Of The Month

We humans invented all kinds of silly awards for ourselves, but what about our most loyal friends? Don't they deserve


Excited Puppy Spots Its Owner

We all know and love the videos where a dog is over the moon for their owners to return home