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Dogs Welcome Their Owner Home

If you've ever owned a dog you know one of the best moments is when you, the owner, returns home.…

There Can Only Be One Good Girl

It's just sinking in that there is competition on the block now. Put your best paw forward, doggy friend, you…

Parenting Dog Has A Hard Time Letting Go Of Her Baby

Remember when your parents were overly protective of you? Put on sixteen layers of clothing when it was cold outside,…

Wanna Trade Dog Beds?

We all know the "if I fits, I sits" meme, but that's usually associated with cats. Did you know dogs…

The Most Unlikely Sheep Leader

Basset hounds have many qualities, but leading sheep isn't one that comes to mind first. This fine example proves that…

Husky Isn’t Done With Playtime

This stubborn dog isn't going to the park too often, so when it does--well... Let's just say the way back…

The Best Opera You’ll See All Year

Stop spending your hard-earned money on expensive opera or theater tickets! Just browse a bit online and you'll find the…

Must. Protect. Leo.

Dog is totally into the famous Leonardo Di Caprio flick. [embed][/embed]

Squirrel Snacking Away

Because who doesn't like pizza... [embed][/embed]

Who That Guy?!

Dog needs his nose to know who he's dealing with. [embed][/embed]

Crazy Lion Plays Fetch Like a Dog

I know a lot of dogs who want to be lions, but the other way around?! That's a first! [embed][/embed]

Guilty Dog Tears Up Feather Pillow

He knows it's not allowed, but is just so much FUN! [embed][/embed]



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