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Blue Thinks The Moon Is A Ball

But how come it's always so far away? [embed][/embed]

The Reverse Bulldog

As a dog, you got to keep surprising your owners every now and then! [embed][/embed]

Dog Umbrella Dance

A lot of training went into this one, with the cutest result! [embed][/embed]

Jumping Is Hard

Dog's jump calculations go terribly wrong. [embed][/embed]

We Have A New Member Today!

Exercise class is about to be a whole lot cuter... [embed][/embed]

Dog Sings Ave Maria

Some dogs have a very remarkable bark. [embed][/embed]

Dog Throws Tantrum When He Doesn’t Get His Gravy

However entitled you think you are to your gravy, you probably don't throw a tantrum like this. [embed][/embed]

New Squirrel Documentary Breaks Records

Squirrel footage attracts record-breaking crowds of dog. [embed][/embed]

Dog Advertising A Burger Bar In China

Does he even now his friends are on the menu there?! [embed][/embed]

Angered Couch Monster

Angry dog rips couch to pieces! [embed][/embed]

Daddy’s Home!

Have you ever seen an animal that is not a dog so excited for his daddy to come home? [embed][/embed]

Bamboo Skates Highway 101

A new hype is building among our dogs... [embed][/embed]



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