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Dog Thinks Removed Glass Door Is Still There

Even though the glass door is missing, the dog has been to conditioned to go through it. He even pokes…

Asian Baby Plays Music Toy, Dog Sings Along

These two make a great team. Baby on toy piano and dog on vocals.

Dog Hates Remote

The Dog Whisperer would say you should poke the dog to stop the barking. The owners have fun and get…

Puppy Thrown In Leaf Pile

Owners of a new puppy dog try to give their new furry friend a taste of the fall. They softly…

Inception Animals

Animals in famous viral videos react to the Inception dramatic, nerve racking theme music.

Dog Hand Stand Down Stairs

Most impressive, but you are not a Jedi yet. Fine, you're better than me. I can't do a hand stand,…

Puppy Dressed In Sheep Costume

Diego the puppy holds a silent protest and doesn't move. What is wrong with these type of pet owners. The…

Blind Dog ‘Sees’ By Echoing Sound

Robin was born without eyes, and has learned to 'see' by barking and listening to the echo, similar to bats.…

Cute Puppy Sleeping On Lap Dreaming

Little pup must be having a dream of chasing the mail man. He's just yipping in his sleep on his…

Little Girl Dragged By Dog, Face Plants On Ground

Just three seconds, but that's all it takes to become a viral video. A dog on a leash runs at…

Dog Turtle Fight Over Bed

The Great Dane pup is on his fluffy bed, and a 75 year old tortoise slowly makes his move to…

Parkour PK Dog

This dog from Ukraine has got some crazy Parkour moves.


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