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Lazy Dog Lies Down During Dog Walk

If this puppy doesn't want to walk, he has a plan. Lie down and be a stubborn ass. It seems…

Cute Corgi Dog Belly Flops Into Water

This little dog is so cute, he's even wearing a life jacket. At first he's hesitant, but with some coercion…

Cat And Owner Talk About The New Puppies

This cat is not happy he was woken up. And for what? To hear about some dumb dogs? Forget it.…

Kittens Puppies Cats Enjoy Popsicles

Who doesn't love cute puppies, cats, and kittens? And their licking a honey dew popsicle. Precious.

Dog Trainer Puts Puppies To Sleep With Lulaby

Classic video of a man putting puppies to bed. Let's see the dog whisperer do this. This dog master just…


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