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Dolphin Snatches iPad Out Of Woman’s Hands

Thanks to clever marketing, people are somehow motivated to walk around with their tablets. A large smartphone is one thing,


Man And Dolphin Have Spitting War

Swimming with the dolphins is a common activity for tourists and vacationers who travel to warmer climates. While visiting an island near


Whale, Dolphins, And Seal Swim Along Boat

While boating and fishing off the coast of the Phillip Island in Australia, Steve Boer and his friends had a once in a life


Dolphin Fails At Escaping From Japanese Hunters

Animal rights activist Ric O'Barry is the founder of The Dolphin Project, an international campaign to protect the intelligent ocean mammals.


Dolphin Performs Triple Barrel Rolls To Entertain Human Swimmers

If there was any question that dolphins are intelligent, cognizant being, than this video is further proof that these incredible


Dog And Fisherman Save Beached Baby Dolphin

While fishing on the beach of Criccieth in Wales, fisherman Rich Wilcock's smart Cocker Spaniel Leia started to make a big fuss like


Toddler Plays Catch With Dolphin

Is there anything cuter than a baby playing catch or fetch with a dog? Actually, there is! In this adorable clip,


Drone Records Amazing Footage Of Enormous Dolphin And Whale Pod Stampede

This awe-inspiring video by Dolphin Safari has gone viral over the weekend with over 430,000 hits so far!  Captain Dave Anderson


Smart Dolphin Answers Questions And Choose Favorite Snack Using Echolocation Computer

BBC Earth reports that a few specially trained dolphins can now choose their favorite foods and make choices with a special


Super-Pod Of Dolphins In Strait Of Georgia Off Coast Of Vancouver, Canada

While travelling on a British Columbia ferry to Vancouver, Canada through the Strait of Georgia, Rob Maguire and the rest of the passengers


Girl Dances For Dolphin At Aquarium

Fun Dipped Productions published this video in June, but it has only exploded across the web now. The video is also


Calling A Dolphin With A Comb At SeaWorld

Have you ever run your finger along the edge of the bristles of a comb? It emits a very distinct