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Dolphins Coordinate to Corral Dinner

Dolphins Coordinate to Corral Dinner

[rumble][/rumble] We live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. My husband Vaughn and I go whale watching often and…

Man And Dolphin Have Spitting War

Swimming with the dolphins is a common activity for tourists and vacationers who travel to warmer climates. While visiting an island near…

Super-Pod Of Dolphins In Strait Of Georgia Off Coast Of Vancouver, Canada

While travelling on a British Columbia ferry to Vancouver, Canada through the Strait of Georgia, Rob Maguire and the rest of the passengers…

Boaters Witness Giant Dolphin Stampede While Whale Watching

Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari takes passengers for a nature watching boat ride off the coast of Dana Point, California.…

Brazilians Save Pod Of Beached Dolphins

A pod of around thirty dolphins suddenly washed ashore at the Arraial do Cabo beach in Brazil. Without hesitating, beach goers sprung…

2,000 Dolphin Pod Stampede

Whale watchers Dana Wharf caught this amazing dolphin footage off the coast of Dana Point, California. They estimate over 2,000 dolphins joined them…

Surfing With Dolphins At St. Pete Beach, Florida

You've probably heard of swimming with dolphins, but surfing with dolphins? While surfing off the coast of St. Pete Beach, Florida,…



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