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Toad: Domino Style

If you like Toad, you'll love this! [embed][/embed]


Mega Man In 24,922 Dominoes

Cool little domino setting with a Mega Man motive by TheDominoKing. Four days of work went into this video. "I’ve


Playing Dominoes With Bricks

If you tend to get bored while working in the mid-December sun in Australia, you get crazy ideas. Like these


Epic 11,000 Domino Colosseum

Hevesh5 is "professional Domino Artist". And when the existence of a job title like that isn't crazy enough for you,


Which color of dominoes is the fastest?

"The Amazing Domino Race!" is a little video-quiz, where you have to guess, which color will be the first to


Mesmerizing Triple Spiral Dominoes

Hevesh5 is one of the most famous domino experts on YouTube. But after years of publishing top quality videos, it's become


Giant Domino Etch A Sketch

How can you take an Etch A Sketch to the next level? Dominoes master Flippy Cat created an giant version of the


Largest Mini Dominoes Set Ever

Do you know how small a mini-domino is? Very small. As in 80 times smaller than your average domino, and


22,000 Dominoes Set Will Blow Your Mind

YouTuber Hevesh5 is famous as one of the most popular domino artists on the Internet. He just recently acquired 200,000 dedicated subscribers


Subaru WRX STI Races Stick Bomb

A stick bomb is an elaborate woven set of wooden sticks under tension. When the the first stick is sprung,


Merry Christmas In Dominoes

Merry Christmas! To get into the holiday spirit, dominoes specialist Hevesh5 built this festive and extravagant Christmas-themed dominoes set.   


Holiday Dominoes Show Using 2,000 iPhones Truly Sparkles

We are in the 21st century after all, so why are we still making domino sets with boring ol' pieces