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Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

19 September, 2019

Puppy Dogs First Monday

18 September, 2019



100,000 Dominoes Course Ends With Tallest Domino Structure Falling

Austrian Domino Art has gone viral, and has won a Guinness World Record, for their impressive 100,000 piece dominoes course.  Built


Isane Rube Goldberg Style Domino Tricks

Dominoes masters Hevesh5 and Millionen Dollar Boy claim to have spent over three months planning, building, setting, and editing this truly 'insane' dominoes video. And


275,000 Dominoes Spiral World Record

The new YouTube channel Sinners Domino Entertainment has gone viral and has achieved a Guinness World Record as well! The last record


Burning Railroad Bridge Falls Like Dominoes

Jamie Smart caught this shocking video of a railroad bridge burning and then collapsing in Texas. Firefighters were at the scene


10,000 iPhones Domino Set Commercial

The iPhone has obviously lost a little of its original luster. The once seemingly magical device is now as ubiquitous as the


Boxes Of Movie Theater Candy Dominoes

Moron United works at the local movie theater. At the end of the day, his manager told him to "get rid


Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Recreated With Dominoes

Elaborate domino fall viral videos are always a popular theme online. But artist and domino master Flippy Cat isn't your average domino set


100 Balloons Popped Domino Style With Laser

WorldScott wanted a world record, and set to accomplish his goal with what he knows best. Lasers. Using a Spyder III Krypton


60,000 Dominoes Fall In Seconds

The huge and epicly nerdy Nintendo themed dominos fall video that went viral recently consisted of 30,000 dominoes. This dominoes


Huge Nintendo Themed Falling Dominoes

Dominoes channel ShanesDominoez made a special epic Nintendo falling dominoes video that has been surging this week, and is even featured on


World Record Spiral Made Of 30,000 Dominoes

After four long days of tedious work, German based DominoProduktion has made it into the Guinness World Records with their massive domino spiral.


Amazing Dominoes Show Out Of FedEx Boxes Commercial

Geniuses at have made a masterpiece of an instant Internet viral video. An adorable Canadian goose with a purple bow



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