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Hilarious Parody: Nethelands Welcome Trump In His Own Language

The Dutch tv show "Zondag Met Lubach" got an international hit with this very well done and funny parody, in


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Attends Trump’s Inauguration

A freshly uploaded highlight from Team Coco and the recent episode of "Conan". Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited the


Asking People How Trump’s First Day In Office Was – Before It Happened

Especially in politics and nowerdays we have to handle lies, fake news and "alternative facts". So this issue of "Lie


Did Trump Quote Bane from Batman?

Yesterday the new President of the United States of America gave his inauguration speech and JorgeandHisVideos came across something absurd...


Life Accordion To Trump

This might be the best video of the week. Hold on to your hats and get your change ready to


Fake Books on Subway: Donald Trump Edition

Another entertaining edition of this guy sitting in these trains with THESE books in his hands, that all have horrible


What Donald Trumps Presidential Rides Might Look Like

Neil Blomkamp imagined, how the Air Force One and the Presidential Motorcade might look like when Donald Trump is into


Donald Trump Singing Baby by Justin Bieber

A cool little remix done by Maestro Ziikos who has put the lyrics of Justin Bieber's classic hit "Baby" into


Children Speak Out About Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel got his team on the street to ask the future about the new US president Donald Trump. What


Benedict Cumberbatch Reads The Tale of Election 2016

Sadly democracy failed today, as Donald Trump got voted into office. For us in Germany it as a non-explainable tragedy


Jon Stewart’s Twitter Fight with Donald Trump

At the "Stand Up For Heroes" evening former Daily Show host Jon Steward made an entertaining stand up regarding his


Nerf War: Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton

Things you didn't know you have to see #7238: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in an epic nerf gun fight