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Epic Rap Battle: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

EpicLLOYD and Kimmy Gatewood take each other in a new issue of "Epic Rap Battles of History". With support of

Is Donald Trump Mr. Richfield From “Dinosaurs”?!

Matt Orfalea has found an aquivalent to presidential candidate Donald Trump - in a spot you never would have guessed.

President Obama Answers Mean Tweets And Counters Diss By Donald Trump

To get actual president Barack Obama to show up for a silly twitter-reading reading is one thing. To present him


Bad Lip Reading of the Second 2016 Presidential Debate

It's not surprising that we get to see (and hear!) another episode of a bad lip reader seeing the presidential

Donald Trumps facts checked by the Arrested Development voice over

NeverCesar did something genius by putting together statements held by US presidential candidate Donald Trump made in his first tv

Trump and Hillary Sing Time of My Life

YouTuber zeal has uploaded a splendid parody of the presidential debate by hooking Donald and Clinton up as a


A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate

Donald Drumpf and Hillary Clinton got their entertaining workover by a really bad lip reader. And they should totally make



Haha, this edit by Amelia Burger is pure gold! :) "In the latest installment of BACK TO THE FUTURE, B̶i̶f̶f̶


What if Everyone Lived in Just One City?

Interesting video by RealLifeLore giving insights into a crazy kind of world, where everyone would live in the same city.


Cat Runs From Donald Trump On TV

Donald Trump is arguably one of the most polarizing politicians to run for the office of president as a nominee


The Simpsons Choose Between Hillary And Trump

The entire country, and much of the world, is deciding who they will be voting for this November. Most of us


Jimmy Fallon And 8th Grader Impersonate Donald Trump And Little Donald

It seems late night host Jimmy Fallon has finally found a famous politician he feels comfortable impersonating on The Tonight Show. He's