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Funny Pictures – Donald Trump


Donald Trump Offers Obama Five Million Dollars To Open His College Records

Once again, world famous billionaire Donald Trump has made a hyped up announcement that has gone viral. In the new announcement,


Puppet Donald Trump Sings Bohemian Rhapsody Spoof

Donald Trump has come under the cloud of controversy over his plans to build a super luxury golf resort in Ireland. The


Donald Trump Look A Like Reporter Fail

Sometimes, things just end in disaster. And I'm just talking about walking around town with a Donald Trump hair style. This


You’ve Been Trumped Documentary Trailer Shows The Real Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been planning to build a beautiful golf resort in Ireland, bringing jobs to the locals, and helping


Donald Trump Slams The Emmys

Donald Trump has always been a man who knows how to turn any situation in his favor. His entire business


Donald Trump’s New Luxury 757 Private Jet

Donald Trump has mastered the art of showing off how rich you are as a marketing tool. Remember the secretary


Trump: You’re Not Going To Raise That F***ing Price

Speaking to a GOP audience, Donald Trump discusses what would happen if a country like Saudi Arabia would cut back production


Bill Cosby On Donald Trump Running For President

 Bill Cosby calls out Donald Trump on the Today Show. When asked about Trump running for president, Cosby brushes it


Snoop Dogg Roasts Donald Trump

Unlike Mike The Situation, Snoop Dogg did a great job at the Roast of Donald Trump. He actually can pull


Donald Trump Golf Course Documentary

Donald Trump is famous for glitz and flash. He is a great marketer, maybe even better than property manager. He's