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One Picture A Day For Three Years To Create Lip Sync Stop Motion Queen Music Video

There have been countless artists who have gone viral taking a photo of themselves over years time and compiling the


Great Britain Olympic Team Don’t Stop Me Now Lip Sync Music Video

Adidas teamed up with the Great Britain Olympic Team to publish this Queen lip-sync music video in honor of the London games


Don’t Stop Me Now Comic Music Video

Freddie Mercury's hit single Don't Stop Me Now is the anthem for all underdogs, a true tribute to perseverance. Drizzt5555 took the awesome


Women Perform Dancing Flash Mob In Bet Shemesh To Don’t Stop Me Now

There has been recent controversy in the town of Bet Shemesh in Israel where a small minority of ultra extreme religious people


Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now Violin Cover

The violin maybe one of the most underrated instruments. It adds so much depths and sophistication to a song. Here, Pyrofiliac performs


Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now On Acoustic Guitar

South Korean musician, Mssandrabae, performs a beautiful cover of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. The video was posted about a


Funny Dance To Don’t Stop Me Now

David Armand performs a hilarious mime to Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' on the BBC show Interpretive Dance. He does