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The World’s Smallest Mini Donuts

Another cute miniature meal by Jay Baron aka Walking With Giants. These mini donuts already received over 100,000 well tasting…

Putting Vegetables In Doughnut Box At The Office Prank

Now this is a proper April Fools prank. No one is seriously injured or embarrassed, it's just good for a…

Making Sushi Out Of Dunkin’ Donuts

The crazy cooks on the Internet have made many varieties of sushi. But this may be a first. Master Sushi Chef…

Raccoon Steals Donut

The Internet already knows too well that stealing is a trick the raccoon is capable of. Remember that video of a…

Californians Try Dunkin’ Donuts For The First Time

Most Americans take Dunkin Donuts for granted. But on the west coast, specifically in California, there are no Dunkin' Donuts.…

Giant Doughnut Cake Pan Set Commercial

Internet store Vat19 continues to offer the weird, unnecessary, but oh so cool. Their latest product is for a giant doughnut cake pan…



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