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Men Reacting To The News That They Are Going To Be Fathers Will Make You Smile

The marketers at Dove have been pulling on viewers' heartstrings for years. In honor of Father's Day, Dove Men Care asked their fans


Dove Asks Women To Choose If They Are Average Or Beautiful

Dove set up two entrances to buildings in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo that were labelled 'Average' and 'Beautiful.' They wanted to


Dove’s Father’s Day Commercial Will Make You Smile

Dove is well known online for their moving commercials. For this year's Father's Day they did not disappoint. The media often


Darcy Oake Performs Out Of This World Dove Magic Tricks On Britain’s Got Talent

Most contestants on Britain's Got Talent simply sing. Not illusionist Darcy Oake. He wooed the audience and judges with his impressive magic skills. The


Dove Short Film ‘Selfie’ Redefines Beauty And Will Make Smile

We live in a new age of hyper-media and connectedness. One side effect of this new world is that we


Dove Real Beauty Balls Parody

NSFW Warning - Content As is tradition online, after the latest uber-viral video from Dove saturated the web, the parody artists


Dove Real Beauty Sketches Mens Parody

By now, most viewers have seen the powerful new video by Dove that has been circling the web which shows


Dove Real Beauty Sketches Project Demonstrates How Women See Themselves In A Negative Light

Dove is known for their eye-opening media projects, often raising the veil on impossible societal expectations, specifically for women's bodies.