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World’s Greatest Drag Race 3

For the past two years, Motor Trend has held a 'Greatest Drag Race' of super sports cars at the end of the…

Drag Racer Accidentally Performs Perfect 360

*Language Warning! Like any good kids in the suburbs with super powerful sports cars would, these friends drag race. Daniel was the cameraman…

World’s Greatest Drag Race 2

Last year, Motor Trend put together the World's Greatest Drag Race with tremendously expensive and exotic cars. But car and racing fans were only…

Drag Race Driver Loses, Then Regains Control Of His Car

NSFW - language Driving a sweet Mazda Miata RB26 at the Sacramento Raceway Park, the driver lost control during the…

Two Corvettes Crash While Drag Racing

Drag racing on public streets is always dangerous. You can really hurt yourself, or, worse, someone else. Thankfully, in this…

Eleven Supercars Drag Race

Motortrend is famous for holding tremendous drag races with outstanding machines. This time, they took it up a notch. Or eleven…



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