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Monty Python and the Holy Grail Recut as a Crazy Intense Drama

Bobby Burns and Dustin McLean from CineFix have gotten Monty Pythons "Holy Grail" a new twist. If you cut the


‘Single Ladies’ By Beyonce Performed As A Dramatic Monologue

Beyonce's hit track Single Ladies is one catchy tune, but did you ever stop and listen to the actual words? To


What It’s Like To Work At A Suicide Hotline In Australia

This dramatic clip from the Australian documentary Suicide And Me: Opening Shot 2 has gone viral. The short video, published online by


Super Mario And Luigi In Real Life

Gamer channel Polaris is trending after debuting their dramatic new series of video game characters in-real-life, The Four Players. The series has


NSA Agents Choose Sides Over The Couple They Are Tracking Comedy Sketch

NSFW Language  By now, the outrage over the fact that the NSA is spying on everyday Americans has died down.


Powerful “Don’t Leave You Child In The Car In The Summer” PSA

No parent should leave their child in the car for even a minute, but in the summer, the consequences for


Mike Rowe Dramatically Narrates Old, Boring Family Video In ‘Mike Rowe My Life’

Dirty Jobs famous Mike Rowe received a letter from his dedicated fan Janice. She admitted her life is beyond boring, but was


Passenger Of Small Airplane Captures Crash Landing In Field On Cellphone Camera

Jonathan Fielding took a birthday flight with his wife, which was coincidentally her first time flying, his mother in-law, and his baby


Big Red Button In Quiet Belgium Square Makes Real Live Dramatic Scene Unfold

Belgium TNT made this promotional viral video to launch their new channel. They placed a big red button in a quiet Flemish square


Dramatically Looking Up To The Sky In Movies Compilation

Slacktory is back, this time with another great compilation.  Every movie uses it. It's that dramatic scene when the character we've


Dramatic Interpretation Of 7th Graders’ Facebook Conversation

Junior high is usually when kids start to make their own drama, and with the help of Facebook they can