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Grocery Store Turns Into Trippy Dog Dream Using Google’s Deep Dream

It seems the world's most popular search engine is always cooking up something strange and weird these days. Their latest outrageous


Dog Comforts Other Dog Apparently Having Bad Dreams

Brooke Conti's one year old Double Doodle dog Jackson was on the couch napping when he apparently started to have a


Can We Record Our Dreams

It's been done so many times in science fiction, it's too hard to count. But still, it seems scientists are


Neil Patrick Harris Puppet Dreams The Lullabye

Neil Patrick Harris and the Nerdist have teamed up to bring the web a new series, Neil's Puppet Dreams. The debut episode features


Man Explains Why We Dream

Dreams have always fascinated humans all the way to the stone age. In the Bible, dreams are often considered to contain important


Little Girl Cries That She Dreamed Nick Jonas Doesn’t Love Her

When I was little, I had nightmares of monsters eating me, and aliens attacking. This six year old had a