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Couple Performs Adorable Sign Language Cover Of “You’re The One That I Want”

Tina Sirimarco is an American Sign Language interpreter, but her fiance Paul is just a regular guy. Still, Paul is learning ASL


Worst Parallel Parker Will Drive You Insane

Parallel parking is no doubt one of the most difficult techniques a driver can attempt. Most student drivers dread the


Dancing Ambulance Driver Will Make You Smile

Being an EMT is physically and emotionally exhausting. You see terrible things that are impossible to forget. If you don't


Driver’s ‘Bad Mother’ Wallet From Pulp Fiction Gets Him Out Of A Ticket

When you get pulled over for an obvious transgression such as openly driving through a red light, it's best to


Truck Smashes Into Overpass

You know those signs that tell you how tall the upcoming overpass is while driving on the highway? Those aren't


Two Dudes Lip-Sync ‘Love Is An Open Door’ While Going For A Drive

Remember the 'good looking' couple who went viral lip syncing Frozen's hit song Love Is An Open Door while going for a


How Girls And Guys Drive Stereotypes

Let's face it. Girls and guys just aren't the same. Comedy channel JLE covers just one way men and women are


Twins Lip Sync Frozen’s Love Is An Open Door While Going For A Drive

Remember the adorable couple who went viral singing Frozen's less popular song Love Is An Open Door? That original video stands


Singing ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ In Highway Traffic

TJ Smith posted this 'highway singalong' back in the summer, but it has only started to trend now.  While driving through


Extremely Close Calls Caught On Russian Dash Cams Compilation

As any half decent online viewer knows, Russia is one of the best sources for unbelievable dash-cam videos online with Eastern


Will Sasso Driving Around Imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger Vine Compilation

Remember the Will Sasso lemon video that went viralviral a month ago? One of his fans compiled multiple ongoing clips


Giggling Teens Drive Car Through Polish Mall

In the US, scooter shopping carts have become the norm. Feeling a little winded from your double super sized fast