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Drive Safe PSA Ends With A Twist

Did you know that driving just 60 mph instead of 65 mph, you gain an addition 100 feet of stopping


Four Year Old Chinese Girl Driving

Video has surfaced of a Chinese four year old girl driving. Apparently, her parents are the passengers and recorded the


Snake On Their Car Surprises Couple Driving On Highway

Driving down the freeway, you expect to hit a couple bugs or two, and see them splat on your windshield.


Driving Into Phoenix Sand Storm

An enormous sand storm struck Phoenix Arizona on July 5th and enveloped the city. While most people were rushing to


Man Drives Fastest Lap Around Manhattan In Under 27 Minutes

Manhattan is known for many things, and of them is gridlock. There is always traffic in the city, it's just


Longest Truck Ever

Sometimes on the highway, you might see a truck that is three cars long, maybe four at most. I've never


Police Fake Pulls Over Slow Driver In Left Lane

There is nothing more infuriating than cruising in the left lane at a nice speed, only to be stopped by


Piece Of Wood Breaks Windshield While Driving On Highway

It was a nice, regular day while driving on the highway. For some reason, someone in the car was recording


Snow Explosion From Semi Driving Under Bridge

You know when you're on the highway and someone is driving in front of you who didn't wipe off the


Man Reading Book, Kindle, Talking On Phone, Driving On Highway

Talk about dangerous. Two dudes record a man driving next to them reading a paperback book. But then he pulls


Superman Gives Water Bottle To Driver

This dude is just driving along, when out of his window, who could it be? Superman appears with one fist


Truck Driver Turns Around On Edge Of Cliff

This truck driver has amazing skills. One wrong move and it would all be over. He'd be a splattered mess