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Testing New Drone Gets Dangerous Really Quick

Casually running when suddenly a wild bear appears. Noooope... Talk about extreme footage!


Listen To The Crazy Sound Of This Drone!

quadmovr does not only impress us with crazy steering of his little and totally weird sounding drone, but also with


Casey Neistat Does Human Droneboarding

Another epic video by YouTuber Casey Neistat. This time he hangs itself onto a giant drone and flys over a


How To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner With A Drone

The people from Autel Robotics already cooked a delicious meal for Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe they had to invest a little


A Flying Drone Hammock

The dutch company Centraal Beheer present us this invention that totally comes in handy! Over 500.000 people are faszinated by


Man Used Drone To Catch His Cheating Wife

Oh man, poor YAOG. The YouTuber has been in a marriage for 18 years - and it did end very

1000W LED on a DRONE

This is pretty crazy. rctestflight did put a 1000W LED light bar underneath the Freefly Alta drone. It feels like


Drone images from Burning Man 2016

French Philippe has been to Burning Man the first time. But he brought his drone and shot some pretty amazing


Drone Footage Montage Is Stunning

Back in the day, you had to have the budget of a big time Hollywood studio to be able to


Drone Racing Battle With Liam Hemsworth And Jeff Goldblum

It was only a few years ago that quadrocopters were just toys for nerd. But now drones, as they've been


Star Wars Dog Fight Recreated Using Drones

The original Star Wars became an instant hit around the world not only for it's magical story, but for its special effects.


Snowboarding With A Drone Pulling

Snow boarding has been around for decades. But it's all about to change thanks to new technology. Before you could only