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Hero Plays Drums While Stuck In Standstill Traffic

Have you ever been cruising down the freeway only to come to an complete stop in traffic. Every lane. Frozen.


Dave Grohl And Animal Have A Drum Battle

Everyone knows that Animal from the Muppets loves rock and roll. But does he love rock more than Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl?


Little Girl Plays Drums For Chop Suey By System Of A Down

Most little kids can barely play the recorder or the piano. And they prefer simple children's music like Barney's I Love


Bernie Sanders Plays The Bongos

To the surprise of many political pundits, Bernie Sanders has become the front runner for the Democratic presidential candidate. Comedians


Dave Grohl Lets Fan Play The Drums During Concert

Is there anything better than getting to meet your music idol after a concert? How about meeting the star on


iPad Drummer Will Impress You

This music video by Japanese musician Appleman was published almost two years ago, but it has been trending now more than


Adorable Baby Plays Drums For Heavy Metal

Little Wyatt isn't even a toddler yet, but he's already a big fan of heavy metal rock music. In this adorable clip,


Japanese Girl Is Better At The Drums Than You’d Expect

Japanese drummer Senri Kawaguchi is only sixteen, but she has already made a name for herself in the music world. Professional drummers


US Marines VS South Korean Drum Battle Will Make You Feel Patriotic

American troops have been stationed in South Korea since the end of the Korean War. Technically, the North and South


Dad Plays The Drums On Son’s Back

Talk about a drum beating! Music channel Atticus Avenue published this adorable video at the start of the week and it has


Two Drummers Cover ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song Together

What's better than one drummer covering the theme song for the 1990's hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? How


Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Have A Drum-Off On Tonight Show

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith look so similar, it's actually hard to tell who's who. But more importantly, who is the