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Man Falls Into Lion Enclosure

A man presumable drunk, high or mentally incapacitated enters the lion's enclosure at a zoo somewhere in India. This video…

Maybe Blueberries Will Help

Fruit solves all your problems. Riiiiiight.


Everybody knows they're the best listeners out there.

When You’re Partying But Not Really

This woman has serious skills--fake boozing, but still dedicated enough to bite the lemon.


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Drunk Raccoon Found In Beer Warehouse

This video by Phillipp Scott doesn't have much of a back story or explanation, but that doesn't matter to viewers. What does…


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Shia LaBeouf Retells The Story Of His Arrest At Cabaret Broadway Show

In case you forgot or didn't hear, actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in June for disturbing the Broadway play Cabaret. Now that the…


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Man Towing Boaters Accidentally Hit In The Face With Beer Can, Falls Into Lake

NSFW Warning - language  Dane Steube was on the lake when he and his fellow boaters ran out of gas. Thankfully, a another…

Pat Sajak Drops His Pants On Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak recently made headlines when he admitted on a TV interview that in the early days of Wheel Of…



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