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Look At The Rage Hugh Jackman Built Up Synchronizing ‘Logan’

Actor Hugh Jackman uploaded this incredible footage showing him dub a scene of the movie "Logan" - with his rage


Sophia Grace “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun” Brock’s Dub

Brocks Dubs is famous online for parodying popular viral videos with a ridiculous voice over. His latest victim is Ellen's pop


Barack Obama Singing SexyBack

In honor of Barack Obama's second Presidential Inauguration, ever popular Obama dubber Barack's Dubs has published a special piece. Dubbing the president,


Ba’noodle Infomercial Dub

NSFW - language The is a simple bendable wire to help wrap up bags of food and keep them fresh.


Toddlers And Tiaras Brock’s Dub

The evil TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras originally took the Internet by storm, shocking and outraging viewers alike. Now, the show


SpongeBob SquarePants-Pulp Fiction Mash Up Audio Dub: Storage

NSFW - langauge Dubbing a kids cartoon with a very adult themed audio scene from another movie takes skills. And


Barack Obama Singing Sexy And I Know It

There are too many Sexy And I Know It spoofs, covers, and parodies to count, but this brand new one


Sticky Buddy Infomercial Dub

Warning NSFW - language Infomercials are always good for a laugh, but after the X-millionth time viewing the same commercial


Devin Fox Hooked On You Music Video Is A Male Rebecca Black – FAIL

The evil company who churned out poison like Rebecca Black is still making more music videos. Will this evil never


Funny Dubbed Over Rebecca Black Friday

The Rebecca Black phenomenon continues. JazzaStudios took the original Friday video and dubbed baby voices over the sound. I think the