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23 September, 2022



Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies Synced Up With Duck Tales Theme Song

This ridiculous music video by Good Friends has instantly gone viral with countless views on YouTube and over 35,000 notes on Tumblr. Some


Heavy Metal Ducktales Theme Song

The Ducktales theme song is the epitome of upbeat late 1980's theme song music. Heavy metal music is the last


DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks Is Super Cute

Everyone growing up in the late 80's and early 90's remembers Disney's Duck Tales. Whoo hoo! The theme song is just so


Kid’s React To Duck Tale’s

What 80's or 90's kid doesn't remember Duck Tales? It was one of Disney's most popular animated franchises. It may


Duck Tales Theme Song As A Slow Jam R&B Song

Who didn't love waking up early in the morning to watch the Disney classic cartoon Duck Tales? Scott Bradlee and The Postmodern


Duct Tape Parody Of DuckTales Theme Song

Remember Disney's Duck Tales? Nostalgia obsessed The Warp Zone sure does. To celebrate the classic cartoon, the crew recreated the classic theme


Duck Tales Theme Song Cover

Back in the 1990's, Duck Tales was one of the hottest cartoons. The theme song was on the mind of every kid


Cartoon Theme Songs Medley

jasonmundaymusic perform a 90's mix of three classic cartoon theme songs. Every nerd who grew up during the Nintendo era knows


Hand Farting Duck Tales Theme

Classic 80's cartoons had the best theme songs. Somehow playing the theme song for Duck Tales by farting with your