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26 November, 2020



Arm Robots Battle With Katana Swords

This is how it starts. First, we use arm robots commonly found in factories to have a pretend sword fight…

Eleven Year Old Performs On Stage With Steel Panther

Aidan Fisher is only eleven years old, but when his dad took him to a recent Steel Panther concert in Kansas…

Baby Jedi Has Lightsaber Battle With Her Father

Lightsaber fanatic Slothfurnace is obviously a huge Star Wars fan and naturally wants to show his daughter the ways of the Force.…

Real Lightsaber Laser Sword Commercial

This commercial for a real life lightsaber appropriately went viral over the faux Star Wars holiday weekend, and now stands…

Chop Chop – Cute Animated Short Of Dramatic Rescue A Little Too Late

Adorable and hilarious animation website BirdBoxStudios is trending after release of their latest cartoon, titled Chop Chop. A brave a daring…

Classic Zorro Duel Breaks Out During Lecture At Michigan University

There have been many college lecture prank videos before, but this one takes the cake. In the middle of an…

The Totally Phantom Menace – Examining The Lightsaber Scenes

Nerds rarely agree, but almost every geek will admit that Star Wars Episode: I The Phantom Menace is the worst…

Man Lightsaber Duels With A Darth Vader Chess Piece

Remember how ridiculous the Yoda and Count Dooku fight scene was in Star Wars: Episode 2? Tiny Yoda bounced around…



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