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Dumb Ways To Die Game Of Thrones Spoof

Dumb Ways To Die went viral over two years ago and stands with over 100 million views! Now, in honor


Adorable Dumb Ways To Valentine Animated Short

Remember Dumb Ways To Die, the animated viral sensation by the Australian Metro? That original video stands with over 71 million views!


The Walking Dead Dumb Ways To Die Parody

The viral Australian song Dumb Ways To Die continues to be parodied online. Sketch comedy artists Teddie Films is the latest to


Dumb Ways To Die In Video Games Parody

It's happening again. Another web music video is quietly becoming the next big thing. The Australian Metro originally went viralviral


Cool Things To Find – Nerdy Parody Of Dumb Ways To Die

Remember the cutesy, artsy animated music video by the Australian Metro, titled Dumb Ways To Die, that went viralviral two


Dumb Ways To Die Music Video Australian Metro PSA

As an adorable way to spread their 'stay safe' message on public transportation, the Australian Metro enlisted this cutesy music