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Dutch Girl Plays Downton Abbey On Piano

The theme song for the British drama Downton Abbey is already moving. Dutch father Theresialyceum Tilburg recorded this video of his young


Dutch Reporter Falls Off Boat

One Dutch reporter had one of the most embarrassing moments in her career. While interviewing the mayor of Kampen in The


Powerful Dutch PSA Explains That Service Dogs Are Also For People With PTSD Who Have Seen Too Much

Dogs are of course the most ubiquitous service animal for the seeing impaired. But this dramatic new dutch PSA by


Danish Man Confronts Thieves Who Stole His Giant Wooden My Little Pony

Things are obviously much different in Denmark.  Danish artist YouTuber Thomas Dambo built a giant, pink My Little Pony from scrap wood,


90 Degrees Room Prank

A year ago, Dutch YouTuber Tall Tales pranked his younger brother who was out of town, transforming his room into a pink


How Nicolas Cage Would Act In A Horror Movie

Nicolas Cage is one of those Hollywood celebrities fans love to bash online, in a friendly manner of course. Apparently,


Harlem Shake Parkinson’s Disease PSA

With the magic of YouTube, fads like the now dreaded Harlem Shake can spread across the world with swift ease.


Older Brother Transforms Younger Brother’s Room In Pink Little Girl’s Room Prank

After his younger brother 'fraped' his Facebook profile, this Dutch man decided not to stoop low and start a 'Facebook


Dutch A Cappella Group Covers Bangarang

, one of the most famous Dubstep artists on the 'net, broke out from the caves of music hipsters last


Charlie Sheen Bavaria Beer Commercial

Heineken is the Netherland's most famous beer, but many people might not know the second most popular Dutch brand is Bavaria beer. But the Bavarian


Dutch Sport Fierljeppen – Climbing Pole Vault Over Water Jump

This video from 2009 just went viral, amassing 200,000 views just this week. Fierljeppen is an impressive traditional sport from the


Man Can’t Stop Laughing After Hip Surgery

There are countless horror stories as a result of a bad surgery, so this story is a breath of fresh