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20 January, 2020



Can A Volcano Destroy The World?

Over 600,000 views on this scientific explaination done by RealLifeLore about the power of volcano disruptions. "Volcanoes get pretty strong,


Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained

This explaination from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell went viral and is trending right now with about 1.3 million views


How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else?

I think everyone of us had this moment, when you wanted to go as far away from everybody as possible,


This Is Why All World Maps Are Wrong

You probably know that this planet named "Earth", we are living on, is round. But most maps are not. That


Earth’s History Plays Out On A Football Field

Interesting piece by Skunk Bear who use a football field to visualize and explain the history of our one and


Human Population Through Time Visualized

This very interesting video from the American Museum of Natural History displaying the growth of the human population on earth

Planet Earth II Looks Soooo Beautiful

The first look trailer for the BBC format "Planet Earth II" looks pretty great. Also it is narrated by Sir


NASA Explains The Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

You have no doubt heard about the rare supermoon lunar eclipse that took place last night. Not only was the


Planet Earth Time Lapse Is Gorgeous

This gorgeous time lapse of our home planet by James Tyrwhitt-Drake has gone viral with over half a million hits! James created


Observing Earth From The International Space Station

While serving on the International Space Station, Expedition 38 crew members took a break from work to marvel at the Earth.


What If The Earth Stopped Spinning

We may not feel it, but the Earth is constantly spinning at over 300 meters per second. But what would


How Big Is The Moon Really

The moon seems small when looked up at in the night sky. But it's really not small at all! So



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