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An iPhone And Chocolate Easter Bunny Experiment

What happens when you stuff an iPhone 7 in a chocolate Easter bunny and drop it down from a hundred


Jesus Casually Rollerblading In Boston This Easter Weekend

Who knew Jesus was this skilled on a pair of rollerblade skates? Many faces light up when they see him


Destroying Peeps With Red Hot Nickel Ball

Cars and Water is famous for his eccentric science experiments where he drops a burning, red hot nickel ball into almost


Why Do We Dye Easter Eggs

Every year before Easter kids and their families dye eggs and hide them. But why? Why do we dye eggs


50 Cal Shoots Peeps And Cadbury Easter Eggs In Slow Motion

For some reason, Easter has grown into a holiday focused, not on hunting for Easter eggs or even searching for


Red Hot Ball Of Nickel Dropped On Chocolate Easter Bunny

Homestead chemist cars and water continues to experiment with red hot balls of nickel. In honor of Easter, he, again, heated a


How To Scramble Hard Boiled Eggs Inside The Shell

As Easter is here, the web is naturally stormed with egg-themed videos. Inventor and how-to master Night Hawkin Light has gone viralviral


Magic Convenient Store Clerk

For last year's Easter holiday, the Tonight Show On NBC hired the hilarious, and very talented, magic clerk, AKA Michael Carbonaro, to wow


President Obama And Kid President Easter Egg Roll Promotion

Kid President is the cute kid on the Soulpancake channel who "is on a mission to make grown-ups less boring."


Easter Bunny Shot Dead By Hunters Prank

Our mischievous friends at JustForLaughsTV made this special prank video in honor of Easter. The prank starts with a man asking a passerby to


Puppy Easter

Popular YouTube channel devinsupertramp, the publisher of Puppy Christmas, continues to churn out viral gold. For their latest video, they mashed up


Bunny Rabbit Paraplegic Given Wheel Chair

A cute baby bunny rabbit was sadly born with no working hind legs. But a kind human found Joe the