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Just a friendly reminder – You don’t eat until i do


Matt Stonie Destroys A 20,000 Calorie Superbowl Plattern

If you think you have overeaten yourself during the big game - think again. Or at least watch this "20,000


Dachshund Eats Banana Like A Human

Sooo cute! A little distraction from all this New Year's stress. RM Videos uploaded this video of a dog eating


Guy Fieri Eating To The Music Of “Hurt” By Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is one of those artists that can hit you like a ton of bricks. You'll be fine, but


Japanese Girl Eats 100 Pieces Of Bread In One Sitting

What's so shocking about most famous competitive eaters is that so many of them are fit, or even thin. Just take Yuka


Japanese Girl Eats Giant 6 Pound Bowl Of Ramen

Yuka Kinoshita looks like your average Japanese girl, but she has a hobby that you'd never expect. She is a competitive eater. For


Competitive Eater Eats TWO 72 oz Steaks In Under Fifteen Minutes

When most people imagine a competitive eater, they think of a big, bulky bodybuilder. Molly Schuyler is basically the complete opposite


Kids Taste Strange Foods In Slow Motion

Kids tasting lemons for the first time is a long standing viral video genre. Saatchi & Heckler of TEDx Sydney wanted


Cartoon Animals Demonstrate How Humans Eat Their Food

By now, most online viewers have seen the hilarious How Animals Eat Their Food viral video. In just two weeks,


Baby Falls Asleep While Eating Banana

Babies falling asleep while attempting to complete a task is naturally a favorite online. The latest baby falls asleep while


Brad Pitt Eating In Movies Super Cut

Brad Pitt is such a good actor, just images of him eating can captivate an audience. How many times did


Goat Steals Puppies’ Bread, Puppies Bark At Goat

A litter of cute pups are munching on a bowl of bread, but a goat is hungry also. The goat