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Jimmy Kimmel Meets The Man Who Spent $100k On A Cheeto

What?! :D "Someone just paid almost $100,000 on eBay for a Cheeto that looked like the famous gorilla Harambe. We…

Man Claims UPS Sold His Motor

Today, we take it for granted that we can order and send packages around the country and the world with ease. But…

Man Finds His First Harley Davidson Motorbike On Ebay That He Always Regretted Selling 32 Years Ago

The Internet has become a place where magical coincidences of fortune are beautifully common, and even better, are always shared…

Funny eBay Post – STOP! THIS IS NOT A DVD

This video originally published by merryroach in 2011 has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit. While browsing eBay,…


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