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7 Survival Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life

If you ever find yourself in the wild, you'd wish you saw this little compilation. It's some of the most…

Save Money With Your Cat

Cats expensive? You might be in for a surprise here. Of course, it still going to cost you something, but…

42,000 Match Sphere Gets Lit

This video is pretty long. That's mostly because it's quite fascinating. What happens when you put together a big ball…

8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

Every penny counts. Definitely in these days when stocks and other monetary assets are struggling. So this compilation with eight…

Sesame Street Puppeteers Explain How They Control Their Puppets

Puppetry may seem like a bland hobby, but it actually involves a lot of skill and dedication to get it…

12 Things Not To Do In Japan

Japan is a very rich and traditional country, and culture. I'm sure you're aware of this when you're visiting, but…

Pro Tips To Survive In A Free Falling Elevator

Some myths get busted, some useful advice was given. [embed][/embed]

What Is The Shape Of Space?

Space explained the easy way - with a comic. [embed][/embed]

Peeing In The Pool Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Peeing in the pool is only annoying to other people, right? Turns out it can be pretty damn harmful for…

How To Avoid Bombing Your Job Interview

You're finally invited to come in for a job interview, yay! But how do you keep your cool and not…

5 Hacks To Try If Your Phone Is Your Life

If your phone is practically glued to your hand, this very scientific life hack video is for you! [embed][/embed]

What Nickelodeon Slime Is Made Of

Nickelodeon slime, who doesn't know it? The silly green stuff might not be as innocent as you think. [embed][/embed]


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