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How To Separate Egg Yolk With Plastic Bottle

This video by Chinese do-it-yourselfers jifenzhongDIY went viral last week. The video shows the simple way to extract the egg yolk…

Egg Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is the suicidal shooting game where two players take turns pulling the trigger of a gun against their…

Woman Cracks 29 Double Yolk Eggs

Have you ever cracked an egg to make breakfast and two yolks fell from one egg? The egg would have…

Egg In An Egg – Eggception

There have been egg in an egg viral videos before. These Japanese women are shocked and surprised when they got…

Lady Gaga In Egg At Grammy Awards 2011

I'm sure you've already heard that Lady Gaga pulled another crazy stunt this year at the Grammy Awards. In case…


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