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Man Brings In Rolex From The 60s For Appraisal

Oh his face of pure joy at the end - pure gold! Antiques Roadshow PBS uploaded this video in April


Elderly Playing With Balloons

Thursdays in this care home in Denmark seem to be fun! 10 million people already have seen this action packed


Two Old Men At The Shooting Range

I really like this ad - but won't tell you any more about it. See for yourself! "A man goes


Japanes Man Solves Impossible Puzzle After A Decade Trying

funny Japan translated another highlight of foreign tv history with this bit about an elderly man from Japan who has


70 People Ages 5-75 Answer: What’s Your Goal In Life?

Lots of people, one question. This simple but entertaining formula used by the Glamour Magazine brings us a lot of


60 Year Old Surprise Visits His 80 Year Old Parents On Christmas

Kellen Pierce got a viral hit showing his dad surprising his grandparents with a surprise visit in the car, disguised


Old Man Greeting His Wife At The Airport Will Melt Your Heart

The Internet usually has a cold heart of ice, but this touching candid video taken at the airport has viewers


Elderly From Around The World Give Sage Advice To Young People

Norwegian YouTuber Freddy Fairhair traveled around the world and asked senior citizens from all over the globe the same question: If


Old Man Throws His Canes Away To Dance

This Facebook video by Edgard Eleuterio Daza has exploded online over the weekend, with over 350,000 shares! The video is simply and


Brazilian Kids Learn English By Video-Chatting With Elderly Americans

What better way to learn English than by chit-chatting online with grandfathers and grandmothers in America? That's the idea behind FCB


How To Quit Smoking

MR. FORTHRIGHT is famous online for offering advice in a brash and harsh style. He doesn't beat around the bush. He