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31 Rock Songs In 1 Minute Compilation

Some rock songs can be identified by just a few guitar chords. That's how ingrained into the culture they are.


30 Songs On Guitar In One Minute

Musician Rob Scallon covers 30 songs on his electric guitar in just one minute. He only gives each song about two seconds


Japanese Girl Shreds Heavy Metal Guitar Cover

Don't let her appearance fool you. Japanese girl Lisa-X may only be eight years old, but she is still a heavy metal


Tronical Tune Automatic Guitar Tuner Proves We Really Are In The Future

This commercial for Tronical Tune seems like it could have been cut directly from Back To The Future.  The device tunes a


Journey Of The Guitar Solo Through Time

After rock and roll became mainstream in the 50's, the guitar solo became a standard in music.  The musical nerds


Gangnam Style Heavy Metal Cover

Gangnam Style by Korean pop sensation PSY has taken the Internet by storm, and now it's getting the 'Meets Metal' treatment. 


Race Car Engine Played On Electric Guitar

Thought released last December, this video only recently exploded with views. mustruendor makes the engine sound for his favorite race car