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Hilarious Rescue Of A Fat Bike Stuck On An Electric Fence

This is a lot more entertaining than it should be! These guys got a fat bike stuck on an electric…

World’s Simplest Electric Toy Train Is Just A Magnet And Copper Wire

Toy trains don't have to be complicated. Science channel Amazing Science demonstrates how to make a toy 'train' using just a copper wire as…

Street Musician Plays Electric Violin

The streets of Spokane, Washington are blessed with seriously gifted street musicians. One of those is Bryson Andres who just went…

Arc Attack Electric Iron Man Behind The Scenes

Here's a special behind the scenes clip of Arc Attack who played Iron Man on America's Got Talent. They practice…

Arc Attack Performs Electric Iron Man Show – America’s Got Talent, Top 48

The music comes from the electricity. The guitar and instruments make music with pure electricity. The audience is amazed. The…



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