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9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity

Some interesting and entertaining tricks performed and explained by brusspup. His upload got over 100,000 views within it's first day


World’s Simplest Electric Toy Train Is Just A Magnet And Copper Wire

Toy trains don't have to be complicated. Science channel Amazing Science demonstrates how to make a toy 'train' using just a copper wire as


Electrical Power Line Fireball In Lachine, Montreal

NSFW Language Warning This short video by Huw Griffiths has gone viral after being featured on Reddit.  During a windy night,


Musical Tesla Coil Performs ‘Sail’ By Awolnation

The web has heard Tesla coils perform music in the past, and have even enjoyed Tesla coil light shows. But


Friends Holding Electric Fence Are Zapped Only When The Last Friend Touches The Ground

Over the weekend, this video posted by Angus Fowles exploded, garnering over two million views. Five daring friends were playing outside by


Two Men Perform Amazing Tesla Coil Lightning Show

Two men performed an out of this world Tesla coil show at the Belfast Festival at Queen's that took place over the weekend. Wearing


Where The Hell Is Matt Shot With Tesla Cannon

Remember Matt Harding the viral world travelling dancer who has circled the globe multiple times dancing and recording his adventures? Well,


Extension Cord Plugged Into Itself Is Funny And Fake Troll Science

Troll science is the fun way to imagine breaking the rules of the world, but are usually obviously fake. This particular