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Elephant Playing Water Polo Will Put You In A Good Mood

Beco the elephant of the Columbus Zoo just turned five years old. To celebrate, the staff gave Beco a water polo ball


Mother Elephant Rescues Her Calf Stuck In The Mud

In this tense video posted by Kruger Sightings, a mother elephant saves her calf stuck in a waterhole. The heart racing


Baby Elephant’s First Year Is Adorable

The Oregon Zoo's newest elephant is already one year old. In honor of Lily's first birthday, the zoo created this


Elephants Tries To Break Stick, Quits In Frustration

This captivating animal video by Johnbod was uploaded online in February, but has only gone viral now, amassing over 200,000 views just


Elephant Plays Duet With Blues Piano Player In Thailand

Pianist Paul Barton posted this video in the summer, but it has resurfaced after appearing on 22Words and b3ta.  While visiting


Elephant Family Reunion

They say an elephant never forgets. And it seems that is the case in this new touching animal video by


Elephant Scrubs Its Face With Brush At Fort Worth Zoo

The web has been impressed before by the surprising dexterity of the elephant's trunks, such as in the classic viral video of


Elephant Attacks Safari Jeep

Is this a scene from a safari or perhaps Jurassic Park? In this incredible nature video just published by JukinVideo, an elephant from


Rescuers Save Baby Elephant Stuck In Pit

Perhaps it's because nearly every American watched Disney's animated classic Dumbo as a kid that we all seem to have a very special place


Elephant Landmine Survivors Walk With Prostheses – The Eyes Of Thailand

This video was originally published by Windy Borman in 2010, but it only went viralviral now. Recently, the video has been


Elephant Throws Mud At Man At Berlin Zoo

Judy Makin Amy Osborne was visiting the Berlin Zoo when they caught a rare scene of elephant on human aggression on camera.


Crocodile Bites Elephant’s Trunk While Drinking Water

This safari video published by  starts out like any other calm scene of nature. A family of elephants going for a