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Could You Survive A Falling Elevator?

The SciShow answers the question everyone from us who already got to notice some weird noises in an elevator thought.

Dog Got Saved Before Getting Strangled By Elevator

Wow, thank god for the fast reflexes from YouTuber Ben Duke who saved the life of a dog! "Dog wandered


Telemarketer Robot Calls Emergency Phone In Elevator

It feels like telemarketers are calling all the time now. At first it was only on the phone at home


German Guys Can’t Stop Laughing In Smallest Elevator Ever

Europe is a wonderful place, but space is often limited. But even these two German guys visiting France were shocked by


Escalator Descending Down Int Pyongyang’s Subway Is Eerie

North Korea is one of the most secluded countries in the world. Nearly all media companies are banned from the country,


Sheriffs Dance To ‘Watch Me Whip-Nae Nae’ In Elevator

Is this viral video most likely staged? Sure. But who cares? It's always nice to see online videos of police that


Coolest Elevator Ever Lets You Customize Your Ride

These days, people are used to being able to customize almost everything. You can customize your fast food meal, your smartphone


Street Fighter In The Elevator Prank

Yousef of Fousey Tube is famous for one thing and one thing only: his epic pranks. Last fall, his prank went viral in


Magician Cut In Half In The Elevator Prank

Taking an elevators with strangers can be uncomfortable and tense. Although it's usually for less than a minute, you're literally


Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank Part 2

Just like in Hollywood, if it's a hit online you can bet there will be a sequel. Back in September, prankster Fousey


Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank

Prankster Yousef of Fousey Tube donned a Sub Zero ninja costume from Mortabl Kombat and waited in an elevator. When an unlucky


Original Titan Paternoster Elevator Is Really Cool And Really Unsafe

Heritage Elevators published this interesting video of an antique elevator in motion in 2011, but it is trending again now. The chain-driven Paternoster