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Stranger Things Kids Perform Uptown Funk

Awesome warm-up programm at the Emmys! Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin from Netflix' "Stranger Things" performe the


Talent Doesn’t Win Awards, Money Does.

We have all been there before. We're watching that famous award show featuring our favorite actor or movie only to find


Honest Trailer Of The 2016 Emmys

With the Internet exploding, there is more entertaining content than ever before. Even the unemployed don't have the time to watch


Andy’s Opening At The Emmys 2015

Now that fall is almost here, a new season a awesome television shows are starting again. And that means it's time


Weird Al Yankovic Performs Emmy Show Theme Songs At The 2014 Emmys

Weird Al Yankovic has been trending a lot recently thanks to his extremely popular new album, Mandatory Fun. So it


Robin Williams Tribute At The 2014 Emmys

The world was shocked when we learned that Robin Williams had passed away. We were all even more shaken up


Kids Reenact Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

In honor of this years Emmys being held this Monday, the 25th, parenting channel commissioned this adorable video. Game of Thrones,


Barely Legal Pawn Skit Featuring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

In honor of the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards airing this Monday, August 25, The Television Academy's official YouTube Channel commissioned this hilarious skit


Famous TV Show Characters Visit The Office Emmy Skit

Even thought Steve Carrell didn't win an Emmy for his amazing job as Michael Scott, the Emmys did acknowledge the


Donald Trump Slams The Emmys

Donald Trump has always been a man who knows how to turn any situation in his favor. His entire business