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Iowa Grandma Pro Gay Marriage Speech

This 80 year old grandmother has lived in Iowa her whole life and speaks out in favor of the LGBT community.…

Playing Piano For Elephants

Paul Barton visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and decided to bring his piano. He plays Beethoven for the amazing…

Chris Medina American Idol 2011

There's always a bunch of cute, eye tearing stories on American Idol. But this one really tears your heart. Chris's…

Elmo Hugs Pregnant Lady

During the filming of Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey, Elmo hugs a pregnant woman and makes her day. We get…

Katy Perry Firework In Sign Language

The girl who performed F--- You By Cee Lo Green in sign language went viral. Here's a more serious and…

Travis Orlando American Idol 2011 Audition

Travis Orlando and his family from the Bronx had a difficult life. They even lost their home while their father was sick.…


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