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British Man Adopts Adorable Pygmy Goat

Most people go to the pound to adopt a cat or dog. But Tom has adopted a much more unique,


How British Christmas Is Different Than Christmas In America

Everyone in America knows to get what you want from Santa Claus you must mail a letter to the North Pole


Brits Play Pretend Ping Pong In Subway Station Using Mouth Clicks

There's nothing more boring than waiting at the subway station, or the underground as they call it in England, for


Dress Shoe Repair Is Oddly Satisfying

Most people today buy cheap shoes made in the third world and simply throw them away once the soles get worn out.


Motorcyclist Is Chastized By Police On A Horse In Central London

Motor bike enthusiast Aimanas Aima was buzzing a little too fast around Central London, pulling a wheelie, when he was stopped by


Police Helicopter Tracks Down Person Who Pointed Laser At Them

Laser pointers are great tools for professors to use during lecture, but they are also dangerous. A laser pointer shined


Man Makes His Own Toll Road In England

After a landslide occurred on Kelston Road in England, several small towns were cut off from the city of Bath.


Why Britain Uses Separate Hot and Cold Sink Taps

Most people who visit Great Britain are shocked to see that most sinks have two taps, one for cold and


David Cameron Eminem Rap

Prime Minister of England David Cameron is the epitome of a proper gentleman. So it's quite obvious that he would


Tiny Miniature Horse Is Super Cute

Miniature horses are already super cute. But Acer the dwarf horse is especially tiny. Only 22 inches tall, reports Barcroft


Cyclist Has The Most Cordial Exchange With London Police

Veteran bicyclist Silvio Diego always wears a helmet camera when he hits the streets after being run over back in 2011.


Sprinter Races From One Subway Stop To The Next To Catch Same Train

The new YouTube channel Epic Challenges is off to a great start. For their debut video, they had a sprinter run from