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Bulldog Loves Chasing Remote Control Car

Dogs famously love to chase cars. But English Bulldog Thunder likes to chase a certain type of car. His owner's remote…

Coolest Bulldog Ever Waves To Biker While Going For A Ride

Sweets the English Bulldog is already bad to the bone riding along with her human Christine Sutton on a motorcycle. How cool…

Bulldog Puppy Kissing Baby Is Super Cute

What's cuter, a baby or a puppy? Well, thanks to this super adorable video, you don't have to choose. In…

Puppy Adorably Rolls Down Hill

Kathryn Miller didn't even teach her precious Bulldog puppy Sophie to roll down a hill, the little pup taught herself. As can…

Porter The Grumbling English Bulldog Puppy

This video from last year only went viral now, and is featured on blogs like DailyOfTheDay, DailyPicks, and msnNOW. Porter,…

Cutest English Bulldog Puppies Play In Grass

Authentic and ethical English Bulldog breeder Suburban Bullies is a special home in rural New Mexico for the unique dog breed.…



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