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Musician Performs ‘Enter Sandman’ Backwards Twice

The classic rock song Enter Sandman by Metallica is one of the world's most famous rock and roll hits out…

Three Girls Cover ‘Enter Sandman’

Metallica's Enter Sandman is considered one of the ultimate rock songs in music history. It's a classic that every cover…

Enter Sandman Bluegrass Cover

Iron Horse Bluegrass published this fantastic cover of the Metallica rock sensation Enter Sandman in January, but the music video has recently resurfaced…

Enter Sandman Bossa Nova Cover At Wedding

Playing a countless weddings can really take its toll on the band. The same old songs over and over are…

Virginia Tech Fans Go Crazy When Enter Sandman Is Played Before Last Play Against Miami

Virginia Tech was up by three against Miami, 38 to 35, with just seconds left in the game. Miami had…

Young Kids Perform Amazing Metallica Enter Sandman Cover

At the Bucklebury Beer Festival, The Mini Band performed a cover of Metallica's classic, Enter Sandman. The band is called…

Don’t Stop Believing Enter Sandman Mashup Remix

Somehow this works. It's actually amazing. Rock Sugar mix the Metallica rock classic Enter Sandman and the feel good Journey…



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