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Edward Reid Sings Old McDonald And Other Nursery Rhymes Britain’s Got Talent

Edward Reid blew away the judges and the crowd on the stage of this year's Britain's Got Talent. He didn't…

Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey

Some maniacs thought it would be fun to play ice hockey, on the wrong side of the ice! That means…

European Map 10 Centuries Of History

Europe had a lot of changes in 1,000 years. The Nazis take control at about 4:50.

Parkour PK Dog

This dog from Ukraine has got some crazy Parkour moves.

Prague Clock Tower 600th Anniversary Light Show Video Mapping

In honor of Prague 600 year old Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square, a crazy video mapping light show is…

Chris Maguire Half Field Goal Scotland VS Iceland

At the half way line Chris Maguire kicks it up and high and just right over the goalies head. Great…



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