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Is Living As A Tall Person Really That Much Fun?

If you're not tall, you'll never find out what it's like up there. These short friends decided to take matters…

Experimenting With Fun Japanese Gadgets

The craziest stuff in life is from Japan, everybody knows that. So naturally, there's a lot of fun to be…

Chemistry Experiment Looks Awesome

Chemistry experiments make for amazing visuals, and this one is no exception. Will food coloring dye liquid nitrogen? [embed][/embed]

The Two Month Old Burrito Experiment

A two month old burrito is not something everyone is keen to consume, but this guy has some special plans…

What Can You Cut With Paper?

Paper cuts are a nasty thing, but did you ever wonder what other destruction paper is capable of?

An iPhone And Chocolate Easter Bunny Experiment

What happens when you stuff an iPhone 7 in a chocolate Easter bunny and drop it down from a hundred…

Food Slicing Level: It’s Over 9000!

Crafting your one shotgun is one thing, but to use it for slicing your food... Yeah, pretty damn cool.

What Happens When You Put 20,000 Volts Into A Watermelon?

The Backyard Scientist put some high voltage to a fruit and got lots of pink mist and over a million…

You Can Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Water

Steve Mould made a little guest video for Tom Scott demonstrating to us that we hace a super power! "Hot…

How Does Silicone React In A Vacuum Chamber?

This video by Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" is trending heavily right now. The silicone vacuum experiment already…

Red Hot 1000 Degree Knife Vs Shoe & More

This whole red hot knife thing does to be a huge trend right now. Even Dave Hax does his thing…

Mouse Trap vs Hot Dog At 147,000 FPS

Wow - this ultra slow motion footage by Warped Perception is pretty incredible. Offside it's beauty and mechanical movement, I…



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