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I have special eyes

You Can’t See These Optical Illusion And Mind Tricks!

Mitchell Moffit and Rachel Salt from Asap Science put together some selected optical illusions where you actually can't see stuff.…

Magic Eye: The optical illusion, explained

As I kid I was terrible at these magic eye illusions. I was staring and staring and crossing my eyes…

How Color Blind People See The World

This is a real mindfuck. And no, I am not talking about how different we people can see colors -…

Explaining The Blind Spot In The Human Eye

You may have noticed a couple times in life a black dot in your field of vision. No, you're not…

Eyeborg Man Has Prosthetic Eye With A Mini Camera

Rob Spence used to have a regular old prosthetic eye, but after working with engineers, now has an eye with…



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