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Hypnotic Video Of Giant Metal Parts Being Forged Inside A Factory

May I present to you one of the recent wonders of "virality"? Maybe you just watch a bit of this…

Omni-directional Conveyor Belts Are Awesome

Who would have thought that industry tech could be such a joy?! Intralox invented these omni-directional belts that are super…

McDonald’s Finally Shows How They Make Chicken McNuggets

Of all the dishes served at McDonald's, the most controversial is the Chicken McNuggets. They're just so delicious, yet people…

How Micro Chips Are Made

The 21st century is an amazing place. Yes, we have many universal problems, but breakthroughs like these help make the…

Guy Picks Up Quarter With Forklift

That is some serious forklift skills. I can't believe he did it. And it only took him a couple seconds.…

Inside Ramen Noodle Factory In Japan

Every college kid eats pounds and pounds of this stuff. It's part of the experience. Here's how those Ramen Noodles…


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